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Mailing List Madness!

I am subscribed to a lot, and I do mean "a LOT" of mailing lists. If I find something even vaguely interesting, I will hit that subscribe button and giggle when I think of my future self trying to figure out why she's getting emails from a guy who specializes in fish taxidermy. (Actual content of newsletter replaced with something far less embarrassing.)

As a result, I have an approximate knowledge of many links that are useful to share with other people!

A developer friend of mine asked me recently for a list of newsletters I subscribe to so I thought I'd make this post a resource to share with everyone!

Design/UX/UI Newsletters

The UI Animation Newsletter
Webdesigner News
Smashing Newsletter
UX Collective
Really good emails Email marketing & design
Hey Designer

Developer Newsletters

Smashing Newsletter
CSS Tricks
CSS Layout News
Hacker Newsletter


JavaScript Weekly Exactly what it sounds like
Go Make Things Chris has a great newsletter about Vanilla JS
React Status I'm new to this one!


WP Mayor General WP news
WP Shout General WP news
Gutenberg News Excellent resource for Gutenberg

Other Industry Newsletters

We Work Remotely I get an email with remote jobs every day
Signal vs Noise Basecamp/DHH blogposts
Software Lead Weekly Exactly what it sounds like.
TLDR Newsletter
Byte sized news for busy techies
Hackernoon They'll be leaving Medium soon.

Just random interesting newsletters

We need to talk about this Feminism and futurism combine to hit my inbox with interesting articles.
The Daily Skimm A quick summary of what is going on in the world today and why it matters.
Cabin Porn Just dreaming of that hermit life!

** What newsletters do you subscribe to? **

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dAVE Inden

Great post! Thanks for sharing these and making this resource. I too sign up for lots of newsletters. I signed up for TLDR and then looked at my inbox full of unread newsletters, haha. I have had to teach myself it is okay to not read them all and that it is okay because I can't do it all. :)
A couple I have enjoyed recently themed for Developer Relations are DevRel Weekly and Developer Avocados.

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Tammy Lee

!! Thank you so much for the links. I am very curious about Developer Relations as a career path!

daveskull81 profile image
dAVE Inden

Of course! I’m happy to share knowledge of cool things. Developer Relations is super exciting to me. It’s awesome to see a role where one gets to talk to developers about how they work and try to find ways to improve that.