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Did you know Illinois has a lot of corn? I do, now, because I am just wrapping up a vacation in the heart of Illinois!

While on vacation I popped in on the JavaScript For WordPress conference to present on the topic of Burnout.

I am two years into recovery from burnout and still chugging along. I was one of the lucky few who, thanks to a timely job change, was able keep working while I went through crisis, diagnosis, and recovery.

The video isn't available yet but the slide deck is. There is a lot more to burnout than you might think and I wish I'd had some of this information before I burned out. I might've been able to prevent it.

Burnout Slide Deck

Hope this is helpful!

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I'm not an expert at all. I thought burnout is something you can treat by vacation or switch of profession, where is depression is when you need help of professional (and some symptoms you described more like a depression). But now, after your article, I searched for medical paper...

PS nice cover

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Tammy Lee

The thing about burnout is:
1) It's different for everyone
2) It can have anxiety/depression (and other issues) added into the mix

If I had taken care of myself properly when I first identified I was sliding into burnout I may have been able to reverse things with a long vacation or a job change. However, even a month off did nothing for me by the time I had figured things out.

I really should have titled this, "Burnout: A Cautionary Tale". Lol.