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React Redux Complete Setup Example with Api Call

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It’s fair to say that there are now many popular JavaScript libraries that can enhance the potential workflow of React, and even though Redux can come off at first with a fair
amount of overhead to implement, it is no exception!

Recent statistics indicate that over 1000 companies reportedly use Redux in their tech stacks, including Instagram, Intuit, and

That being said, we don’t need to implement an architecture the size of Instagram, nor clone its colossal nature to grasp the fundamental concepts of Redux (so don’t worry, we’ll have none of that)...

By focusing on some of the main principals that make Redux powerful, along with its design system and pattern, we can lay down a solid foundation to getting started with Redux without losing track and getting lost in the overhead.

If you’re starting with Redux coming directly from a beginner’s perspective learning state and Hooks, it may be prudent to hit the brakes and slow down as we reflect on a new underlying architecture of efficient and lightweight (2kb total size) state management.

The first important question we should ask ourselves before we begin is: “Why Redux?”

React Redux Complete Setup Example with Api Call


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