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Laravel 8 Socialite Login With GitHub Account

In this article, we will see laravel 8 socialite login with a GitHub account. how to integrate OAuth github login in the laravel 8. As you all know currently many website provides diffrents type of login authentication facilities to user like facebook login, login with google account, login with gmail etc.

Here I will give you example of Laravel Socialite - login with a GitHub account. here I have used laravel 8 jetstream authentication for laravel 8 github social login example.

So, let's see login with GitHub in laravel 8 and socialite login in laravel 8 GitHub.

Step 1: Install laravel 8 for Socialite Login with a GitHub Account

Step 2: Configure Database

Step 3: Add Jetstream for authentication

Step 4: Install socialite package in laravel 8 for login with github account

Step 5: Add github ID in Users Table

Step 6: Register Github Account and Get Client ID and Secret Key

Step 7: Configure services.php file

Step 8: Create GitHubController

Step 9: Add Routes in web.php file

Step 10: Update Code in Blade File and Run Project
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