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TerminusDB Webinar - Chat with Female Terminators

cheukting_ho profile image Cheuk Ting Ho ・1 min read

In this Webinar, rather than focus on just tech, we want to know more about the core team behind TerminusDB. Currently, we have 2 female developers in the dev team (out of 6, not bad), and I have some questions to ask them. We want to be inspired not just by technological knowledge, but also by their experience as a developer in a male-dominated industry. Join us in the Webinar if you want to be inspired!

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Cheuk Ting Ho


DevRel 🥑for TerminusDB. Organizer of London Python Sprints and AI Club for Gender Minorities. Creator of PicknMix. Speaker and master of Lightning Talk!

TerminusDB Community

TerminusDB is an open source database for data people. It is a graph database built for the web age.


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