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Hardware Requirements (Minimum and Recommended)

Hardware Requirements (Minimum and Recommended)

Now back in the days, speed was not a competition or a requirement, it was the world of automation and amazement but today its all about speed. Everyone desires for a fastest computer in the world, and well there are some misconceptions, i think, that have led to all sort of midwife tales of the hardware world of the personal computer and laptops.

Speed Crap Junk, you really need not to believe.

  1. You Need to Defragment Your Drive Frequently

Sorry, but windows/macs/linux operating systems have far updated the old eras, so this thing is automatically managed by the operating system, so we really cant speed up the computer using this.

  1. More RAM means a faster PC

Sorry again, more rams means that you could run more programs at the same time, not making the computer faster, so skip that out.

  1. Registry Cleaners can improve performance

The last thing i want to do is mess up my registry, so forget about that too.

  1. I should upgrade by CPU to a faster GHz speed

Sorry wrong again, its the architecture in the CPU that defines speed and nowadays most of the applications required are more single processor friendly than multi.

Things, In my experience that make your computer faster

  1. Replace Mechanical HDD with a SSD

Ask Why, because the Operating system reads and writes on the harddrive, and at the speed with which it reads and writes the file to give you all the screen matters.

  1. Tweak the OS

Yes, we will configure some tweaking, that will unlock the potential of operating system, so keep your fingers crossed

Minimum Hardware (Anything above that is all good to go)

  • Core2Duo or Corei3 Processor (Any Gen)
  • 4GB RAM Minimum
  • 128 GB Solid State Hard Drive

Notes for Solid State Hard Drives

You can buy them used, as they have no mechanical part in it, which makes them more resilient to use than the sensitive normal hard drives which if drop event 3ft from air are dead.

Recommended (More than that, Overkill, Bottleneck, Whateva you wanna say)

  • Core i5 (Any Gen)
  • 16GB RAM
  • 512 GB Solid State Hard Drive

For any questions and queries, or you would like to share your Hardware Specs, please use the comments sections.

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