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Discussion on: Papers We Love: Exploring Gamification Among Elderly Persons

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jess unrein Author

Totally take your point that privacy is out of scope. I'm just very skeptical when people bring up anything having to do with data gathering and medical treatment that doesn't at least nod to further thought needed in this area. I think tech has proven that we often don't think about it at all, so I appreciate acknowledgement that it's a concern.

Definitely makes me want to look into what sorts of gamification products are already available in the medical field.

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Ben Halpern

Yeah I agree. Privacy in medicine and vulnerable groups is hugely important and evergreen an evergreen topic.

Yes, the general lack of consideration for matters of privacy is abhorrent in our industry.

Those software-enabled spin-class-at-home bikes like Peloton come to mind in the health and wellness space, but there is definitely a distinction between fitness and medicine relevant to gamification.