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re: Welcome to Linux! It's a lovely place here. I too miss Notepad++, but I find that Geany is quite similar as far as text editing goes. Meanwhile, V...

I need to try rambox and I actually use simple note on my phone so brilliant idea, gonna install that today! As to the text editor ive got atom so customized it will be a bit before I change again. I try VS on Windows but it just didn't click. Lots of awesome features though!!


Oh, there's a profound difference between Visual Studio (which I hate) and Visual Studio Code. The latter, also known as VSCode, is closer to Atom in its functionality, but much faster, with more IDE integrations. I was a loyal Atom user until I gave VSCode a try, and it won out for sure.

I might have been using the wrong one. I'll give it a try. Im a sucker for trying new text editors any day.

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