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Discussion on: Is Haskell bad for FP?

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Theofanis Despoudis • Edited

I think the problem with Haskell right now is the lack of good quality tutorials. Readers trying to learn the language have only a few good options like:

learnyouhaskell and schoollofhaskell and to be honest those look dated.

Compared that to Javascript or Typescript where you can find all sorts of up-to date tutorials and expert opinions.

Also if you search in stack overflow the top questions are about fundamental things like

Q: Getting started with Haskell
Q: What is a monad?
Q: Large-scale design in Haskell? [closed]
Q: What is Haskell actually useful for? [closed]
Q: Good Haskell source to read and learn from [closed]
Q: “What part of Hindley-Milner do you not understand?”

If you just look at those titles you may wonder whether this language is actually used in practice or is just a toy language.

It's also really difficult to keep things simple and explain things in a concise way before the reader bails out. Personally the moment a tutorial touches terms like Monads or Category theory jargon I get lost.

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DrBearhands Author

Haskell is certainly one of the less popular languages out there. I think a lack of tutorials is just a symptom of that. The community does have a strong basis in math, because having that will make you appreciate the language more. I do believe Haskell has not done a very good job of translating the theoretical know-how into practical benefits. Not yet, anyway.