Our Holiday Gift Guide 🎁

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For anyone that needs help with their holiday shopping, here's the official DEV gift guide ❤️

For Kids 👧 👦

Hello Ruby - Ruby is a small girl with a huge imagination who loves solving all types of puzzles. Join her on adventures that skillfully weave in fundamentals of computational thinking. Through exercises and activities, basic programming concepts are reinforced while also encouraging exploration and creativity. $9.34, Ages 4-8

Kamigami Robot

Kamigami Bug Robots - Watch a robot come to life! Kids can build, program and then play with these cute animal robots. (Downloadable App is required) $50, Ages 8+

Jewel Bots - The Friendship Bracelet. You Can Code! $69

Code Kit from Little Bits - Kids get to build games while learning to code. $299.95, 7+

For Your Teen 😺 😺

Pur Programming T Shirt

Pur Programming T-Shirt - A cute and funny shirt that almost any aspiring programmer will love. $30.00

Bubble Sort and Other Sorts Zine - This is probably one the most beautiful coding resources we’ve seen. It’s a how to on making computers sort and organize things for you! $8 for digital, $15 for print

Marvel Unlimited - Unlock the entire Marvel universe with this monthly subscription. $10 monthly subscription

Giftcards That Make Perfect Last Minute Gifts 😏 😉

A Book Apart - Give the gift of choice and please just about everyone with a gift card from A Book Apart.

Open Collective - Donate to their fav Open Source Project.

DEV Shop Gift Card - Keep all the DEVS in your life looking good with some of our favorite shirts and crewnecks.

Udemy.com Gift Card - Teach someone to code without actually having to teach them to code.

Fonts for Your Editor - Operator is a great choice but there are many options there!

For the Rest of the Nerds in Your Life 🤓😎

Escape the Room - Almost all cities have a version of these. It’s a fun way to test you and your friends or coworkers problem solving skills. Around $30 per person

Tile - The easiest way to keep track of your keys, wallet, etc. If you’re looking for something slightly more fashionable and want to pay the extra $10 consider the Tile Pro. Regular Tile Starting at $25

Johnny Five Inventors Kit

Nodebots Kit - Get the web developer in your life into hardware. The Johnny Five Inventor's Kit will let you use Javascript to build 12 robotic and IoT projects. $85

Mechanical Keyboard - If you know someone who’s on the fence about getting a mechanical keyboard make the decision for them. $109

For Your Parents

vhs tapes
Legacy Box - Digitize all of the old home movies in the basement that are still on VHS. It will be their all time favorite gift. Starts at $74.95

Password Manager - Keep your family safe this holiday season. Our team choice is Lastpass but there are many out there that will get the job done.

Please share any awesome gift ideas we might have missed!

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Marvel Unlimited is pretty excellent; I highly recommend reading on a tablet or other (large-ish) touchscreen to get the full effect! Panel-by-panel view on your phone is nice, but lots of comics are designed for the whole page to be visible at once.


Absolutely love this. Thank you


I'm gonna get my nieces some Jewelbots 😄