Need a repo for hacktoberfest? And decent in Go?

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I have a project I'm working on, as a way to move from Java, to Go. More details about it on the readme (too lazy to post here)

Multi Go

A command line multi-tool made in Go, and aimed at security experts to make life a little more convenient. It does this by combining a massive array of different tasks, into one program.

GitHub repo

If you read through the .go files, you'll see many TODOs. Since I just started working on the project and got it on GitHub, I don't have 'issues' posted, and just relying on the TODOs for now.

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I'd recommend using the package fmt's printing methods rather than the natives, usually the natives are only used for testing/debuging and always check the error return values!!


This maybe a little late

But, I've actually switched over to fmt since. Found it to be way less buggy

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