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How to learn to code FAST!

Hello my gorgeous friends on the internet, hope you are doing very good, and fancy today, in today's blog, I want to give you the number one tip, that's not a dirty joke, Okay, I'm gonna give you the number one tip that I follow to become a better developer and increase our skills.

So lets just get in the blog,

The number one tip is to create project and stumped you in tutorials. That's the number one tip that you should follow. Whenever you're learning anything development related, whether that be Python, or JavaScript, or development or game development or whatever. That's the number one tip is not to follow tutorials as much as you might think. And to actually start building out the things that you want. And again, this is like so obvious that you might everybody might be like, yeah, mobile, obviously, you want this for building out your tanks. But it's actually a very fine line here. And a lot of people fall into this trap. And you never really realize that, wait, I actually done more tutorials. And I've done projects. And this happened to me a bunch of times, and it's still hard habit to break.

If you don't actually put that thing that you learned to the test. Well, it's not going to work out, right. And school, that's probably one of the biggest problems is that you learn everything in memory, you do the test, you get the good score, and then you never use it again. And you're gonna forget. So the number one tip is, again, I'm not saying that don't do tutorials, because tutorials are a great resource to get the basics down. But I'm saying don't fall into that rabbit hole of just doing tutorials because you feel like you're not good enough to start your own project. So my philosophy has always been to start from the basics, just learn from the beginning and just get a good grasp of how that technology works. And how you can put together something super simple. And after that, like literally have to concentrate and take deep breaths, yoga breaths, and be like, Okay, I'm done with the tutorial. That's it.

I have a Instagram Theme Page related to programming, you can follow it if you want to :)

So yeah that's all I got for today, yup its my first blog and pretty small but hope you liked it and learned something :D

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Thx man for your tip. I like it and waiting for the next 🤗

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Vikram Aditya


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is this Dev Ed? That intro seems awfully familiar