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Shubhashish Dixit
Shubhashish Dixit

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I built just the ultimate content aggregator with python3

So I finally made my content aggregator on my bucket list with python and it was a fun project, I must say.

So what does it do anyway?

Well for starters it fetches me the

  • News around my country
  • Medium articles on programming
  • Articles on python
  • ......and finally some developer news
  • oh oh oh and stock exchange news of my favourite stocks

I finally get it emailed to my myself with mutt.

Here's how it looks!

The Python News


The Daily Fresh News

the news

Getting Started on how did I do it?

Well there are a bit of pip packages that are needed to be installed first hand

Then you finally code a bit.

The explanation stands in the comments, give it go!

Now how do you export the output our little script to the text file which in fact we would need for the body of our email

We write a shell script, AHA!!

Oh no wait please install mutt or any other cli email sender

`sudo apt-get install mutt`

Setting up mutt would make you wanna kill yourself, here you go
please don't die, we love you article, a very easy tutorial to setup mutt

cool and we're good to go

yup that's it. the script's that small. oh.

Now just run setup this script at your cloud and send it to yourself before you wake up.

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Andrew (he/him)

Looks great! A bit of formatting to spruce up the emails couldn't hurt, though.

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Shubhashish Dixit

Why, yes! I'm thinking of adding,

  • reddit feed with praw(pip package) and
  • a todo list with todoist api.

yet I am learning templating and sure would prettify the basic template of the email body.

thanks for the discuss!

chamahage47 profile image

And umm...the script can be written as its shown? Or should i alter it a bit?(win user)

chamahage47 profile image

Hey what if i dont use linux what would be the proper email client sender for windows?

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Shubhashish Dixit

these are what I found on a quick search apparently.