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re: For apps, just give me the in-app walkthrough. Press this button to do this, swipe here, check these, etc. I like the way gamedevs handle on-board...

The best in-game tutorials are pure game play and clever level design without hand holding :-)

Maybe some occasional button prompts and hints when the game detects that you are stuck. The Last Of Us 2 does a really great job at that.

Also the first level of the original Super Mario Brothers is a good example for a tutorial level that eases you into the game play without literally spelling out what to do. The level is designed in a very clever way that implicitly teaches the player how to play. Here is a nice analysis: medium.com/swlh/the-perfect-game-t...


It depends on the game of course. A lot of gacha games for example are just a bunch of menus and options, and not that much actual gameplay. These would be closer to non-game apps.

Action games like mario where you don't really have a menu at all, or zelda where you have a simple menu to select items, would benefit from level design.

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