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Flutter UI Challenge with Flare

Who am I?

My name is Fawaz Joseph. I am mainly a Java developer who came across Flutter and fell in love. I am still learning the ins and out of Flutter and I am documenting any challenges I come across for a couple of reasons.

  1. To see if there is a better way to do it.
  2. To make sure I know it since I will be at the mercy of strangers
  3. To help people who are learning Flutter as well

The challenge

I have actually already started a series of videos on Flutter UI Challenges. The format of this challenge is that I see a UI mockup usually on dribble and I try to make it with Flutter.

The current challenge is the Tab Bar


I had already tried this challenge but I ran into an issue that I actually ran into an issue that I reported to the Flutter team

Shout outs to the Flutter team for the way they handled it. This is my first time reporting an issue at all so I am very impressed

The first video ended with a "cliffhanger" if you will because of this issue, At the end of the video, One of the ways I suggested to getting around it was Flare. It took me two weeks but I finally delivered on my promise. I did the first challenge with Flare and I am definitely drinking the Flare kool-aid. I am probably doing all the future challenges with Flare.

This is my first exercise with Flare and I swapped out so many codes for maybe 3 lines of codes.

This video has me creating one of the four animations and then using them in Flutter. It was a learning experience for me on so many levels. I hope you can take away something from this video.

Without further ado, the video

Look out for more stuff from me
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