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A DevOps role by any other name...

Jonathan Hall
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In one of my DevOps groups yesterday, somebody was telling the story that they were recently recruiting for a new engineering role. For two weeks, they went with zero applications for their “Delivery Engineer” role.

Then they changed the job title on the listing and nothing else to “DevOps Engineer” and received 25 applications over the weekend.

While I don’t like the job title of “DevOps Engineer”, these results, though only anecdotal, are hard to ignore.

Can we get these same results without without conflating DevOps and operations this way, though?

I suspect we can. Simply “DevOps Delivery Engineer” ought to avoid the misconception that DevOps is a technical discipline, and makes it clear that it’s an adjective describing the way in which the Delivery Engineer is expected to work.

What do you think?

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