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Discussion on: How to Avoid Burning Out With One Mindset Switch

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Great post.

It doesn’t help that people like Elon Musk say if you want to be super successful you should work 80+ hour work weeks. I guess you could do that. Or maybe just work hard within a reasonable amount of time and enjoy your life!

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Thomas De Moor Author


It all depends on how you define successful. Elon Musk's goal is to land people on Mars within the next decade & accelerate the movement away from fossil fuels through electric cars. Those are hugely ambitious goals that you can't complete with a 40h workweek (unless you're in a position where you have a lot of leverage).

But being successful can also mean raising a family, living a moral life, being empathetic to others at all times, or doing the work you love to do while combining it with enjoying what the world has to offer.