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Learning with books vs. tutorials

tomgranot profile image Tom Granot ・1 min read

I'm currently re-learning Rust - I picked it up a while back to be able to better debug issues at work, but didn't have the chance to write a lot of production-ready code with it.

In order to fully understand all the intricacies of the language, I picked up an open-source side project to participate in. But before that, I'm going to go deep on the language's syntax and methodology by reading The Book, i.e. The Rust Programming Languge.

What is your preference? Do you run through tutorials and then reach out for project, or do are you a bookworm like me?


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i don't think there is a clear choice when it comes to learning rust. but if it's me i'll go with tutorials first to get the basics. after that, books to deepen my knowledge.


Awesome. How is your experience learning rust so far?


i decided to learn rust in Jan 2020. haven't started yet and probably won't. although, i feel it's time to move on to a new language with the ability to develop fast, and you have to be patient with rust. good luck, it's an interesting and powerful language anyway and its community grows rapidly.

Yep. Had the pleasure of seeing it in production, and it's a beauty.


Books + (docs are also books) + books of challenges + mentor + friends

We learned the hard way about tutorial hell/purgatory - and so now, if we watch one we NEVER follow along... and instead - just watch it like TV / like a cooking show - and then take the stuff we learned and make something else - or apply it to a project.


Yep! Not heavy on rolling through endless tutorials either.