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Discussion on: 101 Tips For Being A Great Programmer (& Human)

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Tommi Tallgren

I agree on this list, and Yours 102 (could be in the 2nd in the list already)
I'd add:

103 Sleep enough!

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Nick Palenchar

Sleep is the key to almost every problem in life. I prioritize it over literally everything.

Natural methods are best (easy on the melatonin) and I personally enjoy the US military method of sleeping I found here

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Sleep is for weak ^^

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Nick Williams

Strong people Also sleep dude

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Yaser Al-Najjar • Edited


I'm astonished at the amount of programmers who sleep at 5 AM then wake up like 9 AM... yes, this could work, but it's NEVER sustainable in the long run.

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Will Vincent

The reality is what's needed is GOOD sleep, not enough sleep.

"Sleeping as little as 5 hours per night can be better for you than sleeping 8"

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Tommi Tallgren • Edited

Very true,
Your readiness depends on how well you recover (Mentally/Physically) during sleep. Surprisingly many factors have to be in order:

  • Enough hours, deep and rem stages
  • Get your pulse down early (during the deep sleep stage)
  • Get your Harth Rate Variation up (recovers your brain) etc,

I've been improving it by knowing what effects on those and using Oura to track it (Anyone knows about that nordic high-tech startup? )

For me and most of us those are just simple things:

  • Go early to bed, and always around the same time
  • Enough sleep in hours
  • No screentime (definitely no emails/work) before going to bed (Stress is lowering my HRV ;/ )
  • No sports (heavy) before at least 3 hours before going to bed.

My last night stats (just a few of them):
Oura screenshot

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Oliver Muthomi

What app is this?