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Love the whole list...
Bunch of valuable points ❤️

I would add this one:

102 Do Physical Exercises

Preferably everyday (or at least 3 days a week).

Our jobs require sitting most of the times... And, in years this will have severe effects on the body.

I'm sure everyone loves a specific sport that he would love doing on a frequent basis.


Nah, I hate physical exercise and I don't have a sport I like, I hate them all equally and I get tired easily because I have asthma.


What kind of sports you find thrilling deep inside your heart?

None, the only things I like are Gaming, Playing guitar, watching anime, driving and frontend&backend development.

Are you sure you hate exercising? Often when somebody says they hate something they have bad memories, most likely due to poorly behaving people around. Are you letting these experiences control the rest of your life and keep you hating exercising, all the while the lack of moving adds far more issues on top of the asthma?

You can keep your current opinion, but over time your body would be like a code base that remains unmaintained with no refactoring at all, only adding up spaghetti solutions on top of another when you're trying to fix issues without admitting there is a core issue that needs a rewrite.

Nah, I hate it, I have asthma so I get tired quickly when doing any sort of physical exercise. And I'm a really picky eater(hate fruits and vegetables because of their smell, colour and texture) so it's really hard for me to be healthy(although I'm since my head doctor told me I was healthy).

I'm also really lazy so I usually refuse to do things that would take away some of my free time.

If I work 6-8 hours as a web developer I don't want to expend one or two hours running or doing exercise.

All I want to do on my free time is playing games, guitars and watching anime, since I work to be able to buy games, guitars, amplifiers and play anime.

I don't care about those things. At all. You're a mediocre programmer and stay that way. That's what you say.

You can't call someone else a mediocre programmer because of something non-related to programming.

I'm not calling it. That's what you're making yourself appear. You repeat your mantra of being lazy, uninterested in improving, and only being interested in very limited things. What else could I think of you as a programmer, too? Lazy, uninterested, unwilling of change or improvement, always keeping the same straight face "this is me" and not considering anything else.

In the end it is you who make yourself what you are. You gave me all the reasons to think of you as a mediocre programmer.

I gave you no reason since I didn't tell you which technologies I work with when I'm programming. What's wrong with being uninterested in improving things that don't affect the way I program?

There are many things in web-dev related programming I want to learn, and many things I want to avoid, most programmers are the same, they are interested towards a specific area and that doesn't makes them "MeDiOcRe PrOgRaMmErS" like you said.


What about martial arts? There's MMA, kickboxing/Muay Thai, Karate, Kung Fu/Wing Chun, or even knife and stick fighting in the Filipino Martial Arts!

Nah, I don't like them, I tried doing taekwondo when I was a kid but it was too boring and tiring.

Get a dog. I walk mine three times a day:
8am 45 minutes
3pm 20 minutes
8pm 10 minutes

Lost 5 pounds in 2 months!

I appreciate the advice but I don't think I'm responsible enough to take care of a dog, besides, I don't need to lose weight since I'm still not overweight xD.


I agree on this list, and Yours 102 (could be in the 2nd in the list already)
I'd add:

103 Sleep enough!


Sleep is the key to almost every problem in life. I prioritize it over literally everything.

Natural methods are best (easy on the melatonin) and I personally enjoy the US military method of sleeping I found here



I'm astonished at the amount of programmers who sleep at 5 AM then wake up like 9 AM... yes, this could work, but it's NEVER sustainable in the long run.


Very true,
Your readiness depends on how well you recover (Mentally/Physically) during sleep. Surprisingly many factors have to be in order:

  • Enough hours, deep and rem stages
  • Get your pulse down early (during the deep sleep stage)
  • Get your Harth Rate Variation up (recovers your brain) etc,

I've been improving it by knowing what effects on those and using Oura to track it (Anyone knows about that nordic high-tech startup? )

For me and most of us those are just simple things:

  • Go early to bed, and always around the same time
  • Enough sleep in hours
  • No screentime (definitely no emails/work) before going to bed (Stress is lowering my HRV ;/ )
  • No sports (heavy) before at least 3 hours before going to bed.

My last night stats (just a few of them):
Oura screenshot


This should definitively be on the list! Along with the sleep part. Mind and body health is really important is you want to be good at anything.


100 push-up, 100 sit-ups, and 10km Run twice a week will make you one-punch-man :-)


Loool!!! All the S-heroes don't believe it and want me do?!


One good way to get some of your exercise in is after each pomodoro, for your break, do 50 jumping jacks as fast as you can, and then sit right back done and start another pomo. I've started switching it up and doing 10 pushups as fast as I can instead, and eventually want to work in situps. The key for me is to not have a pomo going while deciding what my priority is, checking email, or getting ready to work on a specific thing. Then in order to get the maximum productivity out of myself I decide on a goal which is a piece of my current priority project, which will take between 3-5 pomos. Any less than that and I lose productivity, any more and it is not as fun because I get worn out and have to take a longer break in between. After I complete my goal, I take a real break where I do something that involves my other senses and relaxes my brain. For example I might take the dog out to go potty, or wash a few dishes, or brush my teeth, or get dressed for the day. If you work from home you can try out starting work in your pajamas and then start getting showered and dressed and stuff on your breaks.

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