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100 Days of Code ~ Day 1

Today marks the first day of the holiday break for the full-stack coding bootcamp I TA for at Northwestern University and in an effort to encourage the students to continue coding, I challenged them with 100 Days of Code challenge by kicking off the first 30 days of it with Wes Bos's JavaScript30.

I recently started some self learning of TDD with React by starting a course on Udemy: React Testing with Jest and Enzyme so I finished the section I was currently working on before completing the first activity for JavaScript30.

In addition to challenging the students, before getting the job as TA with the bootcamp, it had been over a year since I graduated from the course myself and I had falled off the coding bandwagon so I also intend to use this challenge to refresh myself on a lot of the basics and again develop a habit of coding regularly!

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Francisco M. Delgado

best of luck on the challenge!