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Chingu Explorer Overview (so you don't freak out before we start)

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So, you’re going to be joining the upcoming Chingu Explorer cohort? Here’s what you need to know to get ready.

1 - What exactly is an Explorer cohort?

We know how easy it is to get lost in watching tutorials and feeling like you're being productive… only to find that you've done several courses but haven't actually gained new skills.  

The purpose of the Explorer cohort is to push you out of your comfort zone and build & finish projects. 

🔥 meet new coder friends from around the world
🔥 accelerate your developer skills
🔥 be pushed out of your comfort zone
🔥 actually finish a project!


How it works:

Every few months we gather a group of learners with similar goals to form a cohort of people each building their own project.

This solo project lets you create a new application to add to your portfolio. More importantly you'll meet other Devs who share your goals and who will help answer your questions on a wide variety of topics ranging from technology to career advice.

When you have completed your Solo Project we'll also review it and provide helpful feedback on both the apps functionality and UI/UX, plus tips and hints on your code.

The cohort will last 1 month and your deadline to finish the project will be a month after the cohort launches.

We will also provide a way for members to gain an introduction to remote collaboration via weekly pair-programming.

After the cohort, you will be better prepared to join a remote developer team via the Voyage program.

The Explorer Process

(Note: this article was written for people already accepted. If you haven't applied, you can go to to apply).

ONE - Review the Preparation materials on your dashboard

Including the following articles:
a) This one
b) Explorer Handbook

Bonus: We encourage members to go through the Explorer handbook as well, though the above articles will give you the essentials.

TWO - Check the launch date
You can find the launch date / time in your Explorer admissions email. At the launch time, we will send you an email with the Chingu Discord invite URL.

For past members already in the Chingu Discord community: you will be added to the appropriate channels around launch time.

THREE - Create a Github repo and start building your project!
The Explorer program is hands on. We provide the project, the deadlines, and the community. You build the project! You will have one month to do so.

FOUR - Sign-up for Pair-programming sessions
For the duration of your Explorer cohort, you will be able to sign up for pair-programming sessions once per week.

(4 weeks = a total of 4 pair-programming matches)

FIVE - Submit your finished project
Complete the project, submit it on and we will review it to give you feedback!

NOTE: We'll also provide the project prompts when the cohort launches.


Keep up to date with other dev opportunities here:


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