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Discussion on: The Rise of Microsoft Visual Studio Code

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James Turner • Edited

I guess it really depends on what you work on. I do .NET development and couldn't see myself not using Visual Studio - I consider it the best development tool I've ever used. That said, I've had terrible experiences with Eclipse and Netbeans when doing Java development though I don't know how much was the editor or the language so its not an IDE vs Non-IDE thing.

When I've done PHP development though, I am using VS Code. I tried Atom but found it crashing too often. Prior to that, I actually used Geany which is probably an uncommon editor for Windows.

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Thomas Ruggeri

I saw very heavy Visual Studio use in a .NET shop, but when I was doing .Net core development, I exclusively used VS code. It is more light weight and integrates with C# nicely. It is possible, given the right stack, to do C# without VS proper.

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Chris Allnutt

I keep VS around for this very reason. If I'm working on a C# or .NET project it's tooling is very well tailored to that work, including additional niceties like break statements, inspections, and memory and CPU profiling.

For Node, Ruby, and Python I almost exclusively use VS Code.