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My Bitbucket Graveyard

Graveyards... so far: Check the tag!

I would participate with a nice GitHub graveyard, but I don't GitHub (yes, I can use that as a verb - why?) that much. I have some projects on Bitbucket though which are left to rot:


Language: Delphi
Brief: Manage your (virtual) servers and what's on them.
Finished: More or less.

I was tired of keeping track of my growing number of servers (and services) in an Evernote notebook, so I wrote this small database UI, using Delphi's VCL and SQLite3. I wanted to add a filter function as well, but I lost interest in it. Maybe someone could need it anyway.


Language: C
Brief: A cross-platform Gopher browser.
Finished: Not at all.

I wanted to have that for myself - and it supports some of Gopher, but no multimedia or Veronica search yet.

While, in parallel, working on ymarks, I have come to the conclusion that I should probably write my own web browser instead. I was tired of working around the limitations. So the next Gowser version (scheduled for 2031 or so) will be a complete rewrite, featuring HTTP(S) and bookmarks support ... probably.

Until then, here's a small codebase if you want to experiment with the Gopher protocol. It's really neat!


Language: Common Lisp
Brief: A web-to-RSS parser.
Finished: Almost.

Another "I wanted to have that for myself" tool. I use it every day - but I never came around to implement a Makefile for it, so it only runs interpreted. If that's enough for you, feel free to use it.

I am gradually moving away from Common Lisp to Racket, so I only fix crashes every now and then, but I will probably never add that final polishing step...

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