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BarcelonaJS Meetup May

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Javascripters from Barcelona and beyond got together once again in one more BarcelonaJs meetup. We had two great speakers:

Jepser Bernardino @jepser
Slides at this link

The dark side of React, Server Side Rendering

Server Side Rendering is a topic that pops up when taking about SEO or performance improvements for Single Page Applications.

In the React space, with a lot of tools around, which would be the way to go. Let's dive into the space beyond client side rendering, how routing works and data persistence is done with SSR.

Oriol Torrillas - @otorrillas
Slides at this link

Demystifying design systems

Design systems are sometimes seen as myths. They can play a fundamental role in an organization, but yet we fail to implement them "properly".

In this talk, we will discuss about some patterns, common pitfalls and give practical examples that can help in turning a design system into a success story, for both designers and coders.

Here is the link for the event - with more details about the talks:

You can find the recording of the meetup here:

Here is the direct link:

Kudos to both the speakers and Typeform for hosting this event.

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