Dangerous consequences of being a 10x engineer

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How I fought depression on my own until help arrived

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Sustainable architecture without magic (and how to build it if you’re not a guru)

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How I made a Product of the Day in six lines of JavaScript

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#amaI am a Senior Software Architect, Ask Me Anything!

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#discussCode of Conduct generator!

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How to get rid of Apple censorship, or an open letter to Spotify

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#todayilearnedIt’s okay to invent unusual things (lessons learned from history of science)

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A Love Letter to Verdana – the typeface that changed everything

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Scalable architecture without magic (and how to build it if you’re not Google)

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My First Startup

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PWA Checklist 2019

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Switching React class names like a boss with Deciders

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PWA and website responsiveness are not the same

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