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Discussion on: 🚀🐧 What's your current OS and why do you use it?

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Currently using Debian (buster).

Advantage? There is a great collection of software in the official repositories. Doesn't require too much maintenance. "Low risk updates," the chances of something going wrong during an update is really low (it's kinda the point of Debian).

Most common software? Don't know if I understand the question. But anyway, I spend most of my time using a web browser or a text editor (neovim). Interestingly enough, I could put all the tools I use for web development into a docker image and use that. In theory I could move easily to any OS that has docker.

The best part is that I can make it do the things I want. This is not specific to Debian.

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Daniel Diaz Author

Yeah, Debian is really stable. I've broken my Manjaro machine a couple of times because of updates. Well I suppose I like risk 😅.