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#opensource "magic"

Vyvy-vi (Vyom Jain)
Know a lil bit about programming and shells
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There seems to be a weird connection between me and the open-source community. It seems that they always seem to know what I want...

Like, since a few months, I had a desire to make my GitHub more active. #hacktoberfest2020 gave me the perfect opportunity. I wanted to find out about using MongoDB and BOOM, my previous go-to non-SQL library TinyDB made a few version changes, deprecating my old bot, giving me an opportunity to rebuild my discord bot for MongoDB.

I wanted to become part of an org. and well Ig by dumb-luck I stumbled on this random LinkedIn post about a video containing Eddie Jaoude and Aditya Oberai (I followed Aditya a few days ago during a webinar at DSC-Amity). Went to Eddie's org and became part of an amazing community.

Skip to the past 4 days, I made a GitHub action for joe-username(a hf meme on Joe Nash) and made my first action, but was not able to finish it as I didn't know how to use Docker Containers, but again by chance the next day a great contributor @anubhavcodes opened an issue on my discord bot's repo titled Dockerize the app for easy development. I decided to learn Docker a little bit so that I can review the pr.

The next day the same contributor provided me with a lot of resource links, with which I got an understanding of Docker. After approving pr, I made my first docker deployment for a different app and I decided to pick up GitHub action automation again.

And guess what?

Just an hour ago I saw Eddie Jaoude post this message on discord:-->

Screenshot 2020-11-03 at 8.34.21 PM

Coincidence? NOPE, just #opensource magic

The opensource spirit: "seek and you shall receive"


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Aditya Oberai

You're awesome Vyom 😁🔥

eddiejaoude profile image
Eddie Jaoude

Yay! Awesome, thank you for sharing and joining in our community!! Let's open source and geek out :)