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Wassim Chegham
Wassim Chegham

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Ever wondered what happens when you type in a URL in an address bar in a browser?

Here is a brief overview of what happens when you type in a URL in a address bar in a browser...

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This sketch note is under CC BY-NC-SA license.

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Amazing diagram!

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Dayumn! Nice illustration! Keep them coming!

It reminded me of a great book on networking:
Computer networking a top-down approach

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John Peters • Edited

Exactly correct view, Thanks.

In the early days of TCP and small slow bandwidth, we saw congestion 60% or more with many hop counts >30.

The Tcp layer would time out based solely on retries.

Customers would complain about speed which turned out to be 10 routers on first leg.

We also saw unreliable DNS services back then. That problem took many businesses down for long periods of time.

Since then network infrastructure has improved so much it's astounding.

I remember doing some work in NYC. Their hop counts were 35 on average.

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The better resolution, thanks!

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Did you create this diagram? In the top left, it says @manekimekko or something, but it's hard to read, and I'm trying to find the original author.

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Wassim Chegham • Edited

I'm an the original author. @manekinekko is my Twitter handle. How can I help?

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bartvk • Edited

OK great work. I just saw that it's being shared everywhere, but people don't mention the original author. I'd like to share it too, and now I can link back to your page. Thanks!

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Wassim Chegham

Really appreciate it πŸ™

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Hesam Rad

I've been wanting to create a similar post with all the details you beautifully provided in your diagram. This is amazing, I see no point writing a second post. I appreciate the time and effort you put into this. Thank you.

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Carlo Gubitosa

The great thing non mentioned in the infographics is that all the technology involved at each step is free, non-proprietary and accessible to everyone. I don't know if there is any patent involved either.

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Achilles • Edited

Thanks for informative diagram.

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Ali Sabri SΔ±r

Thank you for great diagram

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Jose Angel Munoz

Amazing Job. Congrats!

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shroomlife πŸ„

super cool! thank you! ❀️

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Laurent Demailly

The GET part is incorrect, that would be a proxy request. Also glossed over that it take many more than 1 request to get all these elements.