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Save screen real estate with react-headroom

It was so easy to get a professional looking navbar with just 3 lines of code. This package seriously is so usable on mobile it is rediculous. I found this package from day 4 of the 100 days of gatsby challenge. It is by the wonderful man who brought us gatsbyjs Kyle Mathews, so you know its gotta be good.

install react-headroom

installation is easy

npm i react-headroom
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Import Headroom

There was no instructions for es6 style imports that are common with gatsbyjs sites like mine, but it was intuitive to figure out.

import Headroom from 'react-headroom'
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Using Headroom

Simply wrap your existing content, Nav in my case, with the <Headroom /> component and your off to the races. The content will pop back into view when you scroll past then back up.

   <-- Your content goes here -->
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See it in action

I think this simple package completely changes the ux of your site on mobile. You can get that sticky nav out of the way, but its still right there with just a little bit of a scroll up.

showing it in action on

Here it is on


react-headroom is configurable, but I did not find it necessary. I really like the simplicity that it brought by just adding the <Headroom\> component.

react-headroom docs


Check out the relavant links for more details.

GitHub : Demo Site : Docs :

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