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Refactoring your blog urls

I just did a quick refactoring of my JAMStack blog urls. Some didn't fit with my style, some had _ that I wanted to switch to -, and others were rediculously long. I've been using forestry as my CMS, I write many of my posts there, and sometimes it picks some crazy file names (based on my titles). It was time to refactor.

๐Ÿ–Š Rename posts

change the filename

My post urls are based on the file name of my markdown file, so I can simply go through my filesystem and rename anything I want. From here its probably best to only commit the addition of the new file name, until the redirects clear, but these are all low traffic posts for me so I just commited both at once.

Safely redirect without breaking links

_redirects โคด


I am hosted on netlify, which automatically puts very โšก performant redirects on the edge based on a /_redirects route on your site. So I added a redirect from the old route to the new route there.

# rename long posts

/blog/i-finally-fixed-my-styled-components-in-gatsby-js /blog/fix-styled-components-in-gatsby
/blog/interrogate-is-a-pretty-awesome-brand-new-cli-for-python-packages /blog/interrogate
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pedantic ๐Ÿค”


This is probably being a bit pedantic. Realistically my urls were probably ok. These posts probably aren't going to be topping the google search charts anyways, but I wanted to do it without killing off any links that I may have happened to post somewhere.

๐Ÿ‘€ see an issue, edit this post on GitHub

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