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Waylon Walker
Waylon Walker

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Blogging For Me

I create this blog with one person in mind, me.

There are others like me

This is not completely selfish, as there are likely many others out there that think similarly to me. Everyone comes from different backgrounds and varying levels of experience. In no way do you need to be an expert to create content others will benefit from.


I am as accurate as possible. I don't know everything, and If I waited for that to happen I would never post, or write at such a high level no one else
(including me) would ever want to read.

Generally, I know that I am directionally accurate for most of the article. In fact, there is often a part of the article that I don't feel the best about. It may have been some code that could have been better. I try to point these things out. Often when I am honest and point out where I know there is an improvement to be had I get the most welcoming comments, "that was just fine
how you did that", or "I tried that myself and saw a better abstraction.

Create the articles I want to read

Generally, the articles I want to read are directly relatable to things I am currently working on and vary over time. Over the last year its been leaning a bit more towards automation with bash, python, kedro tools.

On Brand

I try to stay on the brand of who I am. I remember writing my first articles. I was trying to be witty, and include funny memes. That's not me. I am not a comedian, and generally, memes go right over my head. I can remember back in High School, I was the one that didn't understand a lot of pop culture and was kinda treated as if I was always living under a rock. I knew it was true and I owned it, so no one ever got to mean about it.

Honest, never fake

I will not try to pretend that I know everything. You may read my blog on occasion and think I know a lot, also possible that you think "wow what an idiot". I welcome you to share your thoughts and techniques in a positive way. I often cringe at some of my old posts and think about how differently I would approach something not that long after posting. I honest, never fake know what I need to know, and don't pretend to know anything outside of my wheelhouse.

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Adam Nathaniel Davis • Edited

I only began blogging this year, and I did so almost exclusively as a form of free, self-administered therapy. I had sooooo many diatribes bottled up in my head that it was absolutely therapeutic to start getting them out on a (digital) page. Sure, I suppose I'd like it if a million people read my articles and thought they were epic. But the simple truth is that I don't really care that much about how many people read them, or the extent to which the readers agree with them.

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Waylon Walker

Drinking game for every time this guy says generally 😜