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Discussion on: I am a JavaScript's biggest fan, Ask Me Anything!

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Daniel Mayovsky Ask Me Anything • Edited

My response to mud throwers depends on who the mud throwers are. I am 18, and I don't count myself as knowledgeable in this large community. So when I get approached by some 35-year old 10+ years of experience guy from Google, giving me claims why JavaScript is bad, has bad design, etc., I only listen.

But when people from outside the Web Development community approach me with claims that JavaScript is slow and has really bad design, I point them right at the fact that most of the recent work applications (not games) on the phones were developed with React Native (JavaScript) and the number of Desktop applications is only rising (Discord, Nylas mail, Atom). Some haters reuse points that were valid 4 years ago, some haters are just jealous that JS is taking over their field (Mobile Apps, Desktop application, CLI applications).

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Ben Halpern

Some haters reuse points that were valid 4 years ago

I definitely see this.

Even more than four years ago. That's sort of a problem with software. Something that has radically changed has the same name. It's never apples-to-apples.