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Recruiters mess up all the technologies. Should we show them their mistakes? Or... laugh?

Alright, how about this? One more job proposal I got this week (I use my bot for recruitment letters).


Should we explain to recruiters that it's not possible? That's funny in some way, but we r all tired of job descriptions like that. And maybe our dev community should somehow explain to recruiters what the hell is going on with tech stack, frameworks, etc. Just not to be confused by this kind of job proposals. And save their time.

Have you ever pointed to recruiters' tech mistake?

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Antonio Radovcic

Ignore that and try to get in touch with the company itself ASAP and talk to the Devs. If the recruiter won't establish this connection, ditch that recruiter.

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Nans Dumortier

Yeah, this is a big issue with recruitment in general. Recruiters are often confused with the technologies, and sometimes it leads to awkward situations, as you've described here. As Antonio said, I think the most important is to be able to talk with the developers of the team you are supposed to join.
Talking with a developer you won't work with might not give the right information you're looking for 😄

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I try to help recruiters with these type of things. Actually less with the years of experience problem and more about technical misconceptions.

Especially out in house recruiters are always happy to talk about technical topics and gain more understanding. After all it will help them to their job better by appearing more technically versed.

Just don't waste too much time on this. Help make the technical recruiting landscape a bit nicer for everyone, one small comment a day :)

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Fen Slattery

As someone who's friends with recruiters, I've learned that external recruiters frequently are given job requirements by the company they're working with, and have to go with them even if they don't quite make sense (like in your case).

If you want to respond, I'd go with something polite and ask them if they're aware it's not possible to have that many years of experience. It's not necessarily the recruiter's fault, and I'd just keep in mind that they're a person just trying to do their job on the other end of the email. I used to be really annoyed by ridiculous things that recruiters sent me, and consider sending them some not-so-nice messages, but now I honestly just laugh and delete the message.

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If it's an in-house recruiter, I would go as far as avoiding the company ...

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Tris Revill

The only way they will learn is if you teach them, point them out and help them learn!