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Discussion on: What Makes an Environment Inclusive?

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Jesse M. Holmes

An inclusive environment, to me, is one that doesn't have an "inclusiveness program" or policy, but rather just treats people like people.

This has been on my mind a lot lately. I think it should speak for itself, as in, if you walked into my workplace, you'd notice the cultural diversity of our teams, women in leadership roles, etc. Or in a perfect world, you wouldn't notice those things; you'd notice people happy in their jobs, comfortable with their colleagues, and driven toward a common mission.

We're a growing organization, but we are geographically located just on the outside ring of the tech companies in D.C. and Baltimore, and we also have to compete with all of the cleared space positions available at the NSA and twenty other government agencies/military contractors in the area. Different industry, but developers and otherwise end up there for various reasons.

I think our work culture and our inclusive environment should help us bring on more great candidates. How will people know about it if we aren't talking about it? How can we talk about it without bragging about it, or making it seem like an underhanded effort to generate good PR? Those are the questions that have been on my mind. I'm a developer, not a recruiter, but my organization is important to me, and I want to work with great people.

Maybe one approach would be to do exactly what I said at the beginning—share our successes and other stories, attach faces to them, and let it speak for itself.

Thanks, @kaydacode , for bringing up this topic!

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