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Mine is very simple (and needs an update), but I love me a good gradient :D



I love me a good gradient

Heh, you're not alone there.

The "Final" logo looks bad against it though, so I'd be careful. Maybe you could put the logos against a rectangle with something like padding: 1m; background-color: rgba(0, 0, 0, 0.25);:
links with background

The page title could be something better than "Home - Howdy I'm Wuz." for bookmarking and SEO purposes.

Your site doesn't work at different browser widths - anything under 680px is broken:
breakpoint mountain

Fix those points and it'll get a thumbs-up from me :)


Thanks for the note! The Final logo looked better before I updated the gradient, I definitely need to fix that up. Good call on the smaller viewport rendering. I haven't done any sort of SEO optimization on the site - but you are totally right, a better title is a great idea. I need to chunk some time into it and these are all great starting points!


I love the gradient! And your logo! Awesome!

I think I like it in a column instead of side by side. I would also add more hierarchy to the text sizes to emphasize different content!


Hmm interesting! I like that as well! I'll have to play around with the layout a bit! Thanks for the notes! Text hierarchy is definitely something that could use some work :D

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