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re: Cool! Thanks for your help. Here it is our GitHub repo Could you advise what should be my starting tasks to accom...

So I guess first thing, what goal do you want to accomplish with this?

Not dependent on that, here are some more things I would recommend:

  1. Get some issues tracked - I assume you have some plans for where the library could go, so write some of those up and tag them where appropriate. Some good tags to start with are "good-first-issue" for new developers and some tags around what the issue deals with (i.e. "security", "updates", "documentation", etc.)

  2. Get a page set up around the project. Explain a bit about what it is, why it's OS, how people can use it, etc.

  3. Post in the next "Who's looking for contributors" post.

Hope those help a bit! Let me know if you have any questions!

Hi Conlin! Thanks for your useful feedback. Could you look at my ideas about the entry readme doc and leave your comment about it on GitHub?

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