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The day I failed to prove I’m not a robot

Some months ago I got comments from Wekan users that I’m making so many releases of Wekan per day (record amount is 7 releases per day) so some are thinking that maybe I am a robot.

Some days ago I did register new user account to website that is about making robots. I jumped through a lot of hoops, when trying to register, answering basic math questions, refilling registration form and changing calculations, and changing my profile picture to another, as was instructed in registration info. I got logged into website, and browsed robot building instructions.

But today I got email from that website, that I had my account have been cancelled, because I had failed to prove I’m not a robot.

I’m thinking, my photo most likely looks too much like a robot.

It seems that I have to accept my destiny, and try to live my life as a robot, because I’m unable to prove I’m a human.



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