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re: Number 8 is such a shame, because of how important those soft-skills are! 🙄

I have a very mixed background, that even though technical, is well-traveled, and the by-product of readapting to different personality types and backgrounds is social skills, which I sadly sometimes have to dampen severely by saying the bare minimum) just to be believable for interviews.

Otherwise you come off as the Nelson Bighetti "great guy, terrible coder" type they're already afraid of accidentally recruiting...smh irony's funny until it isn't.


@Xristo is this country/culture related that you have to be a different you around some ?


Having to hold back when it comes to personality on the job is very stressful and demoralizing. I'm sorry to hear that.


Same thing happens to all military veterans as well. We have to never bring up our experiences because then every criticism or idea will be perceived as less intelligent or overly aggressive by management.

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