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I have updated edit-slack.vim

yaasita profile image yamasita taisuke ・2 min read

I have updated my slack plugin because it was not working.

What is this

This is a plugin to post to slack from vim.
You can send a message using only vim.

This is a post from vim to slack via a binary written in golang
How it works
(c) gopher stickers

The display will invoke the command if the buffer name starts with "slack://".

autocmd BufReadCmd slack://* call edit_slack#Open(expand("<amatch>"))
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The post gets the part written below "=== Message ===" in vimscript.
vim passes it in the standard input of the command.

post data

Run the following script when you write

autocmd BufWriteCmd slack://* call edit_slack#Write(expand("<amatch>"))
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Call system() in the function

call system(command, postdata)
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Update details are as follows.

Upgrade golang

Updated golang version to 1.15.
I've also added the use of Module and slack-go.

Support for slack's new API

All channels can be opened with the following rules

# list

# channel
slack://ch/<channel name>
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Threaded support

# Threaded uri
slack://ch/<channel name>/<timestamp>
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Added the command :EditSlackOpenReplies to open threads.
open thread

You need to get the timestamp for each statement to open the thread. I used to show it in the message list, but it got too cluttered and hard to read, so I hid it with the conceal function.
If you set syntax on, it will be hidden.

syntax on

If you change [] to [x], you can also post to the channel.
However, there is a bug in slack that causes the name and icon to belong to the application.


Joining and leaving the channel

:EditSlackJoin / :EditSlackLeave

join and leave

Uploading and downloading files

Added support for downloading and uploading files.

:EditSlackDownloadFile /path/to/savefile
:EditSlackUploadFile /path/to/uploadfile
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Search command

Added a search function.

:EditSlackSearch search_word
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Other functions

It may support reaction functions in the future.

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