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Taskord is out now 🎉

Hey folks 👋

We are now live on ProductHunt

For the past three months, I was working on a project called Taskord as a part of 100 Days of Code. Fortunately, the project now turns into a public product.

Make sure to signup today

What is Taskord?

Taskord is free open source social media for tasks! where users can post public and private todos, ask questions, and launch products. Taskord helps you to get things done together with the members of the community.


  • Login / Signup
    • Secured PWNED Validator 🛡
    • Social auth via Google or Twitter 🌐
    • Magic Link authentication 🔮
  • Tasks
    • Pending Tasks ⌛
    • Done Tasks ✅
    • Due date 📅 (only for patrons)
    • Multiple Image Upload 📸
  • Questions
    • Answers 💬
    • Trending Questions 📈
    • Patron's Questions 🔒 (only for patrons)
  • Product
    • Product related tasks ✅
    • Subscribe ➕
    • Release Updates 📦
    • Stats 📊 (Coming Soon)
  • User
    • User related tasks ✅
    • Follow ➕
    • Reputations 🎮
    • Goals 🎯
    • Stats 📊 (Coming Soon)
  • Integration
    • GitHub 🐙
    • GitLab 🦊
    • Webhook ⚓
  • Deals 🎁 (only for patrons)
  • Meetups 🤝 (coming soon)
  • Dark mode 🌑 (only for patrons)

We are looking forward to your feedback, roasts, bugs, features, anything you want!

Thank you.

Top comments (6)

0916dhkim profile image
Danny Kim

Awesome interface. Great work!

yo profile image

Thank you so much Donghyeon 💜

jess profile image
Jess Lee

Congrats on the launch!

yo profile image

Thanks, Jess 💜

killua profile image
killua (he/she/they)

would definitely try out this product, other than the fact about this comment.

Hey 😍

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