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Discussion on: What keyboard do you use?

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Yuri Predborskiy

If I was buying a keyboard for work now, I'd take Logitech K120. Super cheap, comfortable for me, works well, doesn't break. Much more comfortable than other cheap models from other brands (but I haven't tried them all).

Currently I'm using Logitech G710+ (cherry-mx browns). Bought it many years ago, some keycaps broke in a few months of use, so I recommend buying 3rd party replacement caps for it (or just buy a replacement for all of them).

I also bought a G-Spec K530 (local manufacturer) keyboard with chinese knock-off brown switches. Cheap and works surprisingly well, 10-key-less design, fancy button backlight.

General idea: try something, see if it works for you. If not, many shops have a great return policy - use that.