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First week of Hacktoberfest

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This is the beginning of the second week of Hacktoberfest. I didn't even finish the challenge 😭

I didn't had time to make a post to promote my repositories for potential contributors. Despite of this I added the Hacktoberfest label on my good first issues. Surprisingly it was enough to make them visible to participants! I recommend you to do the same fellow maintainers.

For those who are interested in participating but don't know where to start, I wrote a participation guide for Hacktoberfest.

This week contributions

I would like to share with you the contributions my repositories received this week. I feel it nice to have people coming from all around the world taking time to work on others' projects during this event. This is a real celebration of open source spirit. I'll take the time to do the same next week!


It is a library that generates changelog for repositories using gitmoji commits convention. (repository)

Franck Abgrall added a contributors section in the README.

There are also two pull requests from Quentin Nicolle I merged this week but he opened them just before Hackoberfest beginning:

He added an editor config file.

He added instructions about using npx to call the cli in the README.

#110 ✨ Add npx instruction on README #123

I tried to use npx and it works ! πŸŽ‰

I've just updated the README with instructions

There is still a good first issue on this project:

  • Remove the stack trace to handled errors. (issue)

Feel free to pick it!


It is a simple infinite loading list in React I made after writing an article about "creating an infinite loading list with React and GraphQL". Basically it is an abstraction of a combination of libraries (react-window, react-window-infinite-loader and react-virtualized-auto-sizer) from Brian Vaughn. (repository)

Henrique Martins added the possibility to pass down a ref to the instance of react-window-infinite-loader.

Kerem Hallaç added a contributors section in the README.

There are still two good first issues on this project:

  • Add the possibility to customize the scrollbar. (issue)
  • Extract dependencies from the final bundle. (issue)

Feel free to pick one!

This is the website of the meetup I co-organize about JavaScript at Nantes (France). (repository)

Jules LE BRIS fixed a broken link to our Slack instance.


I'm really surprised that some many people take time to read issues and fix it even on small projects like mines. Thank you to all previously listed contributors. I'm grateful you picked my repositories to make your contributions during this Hacktoberfest πŸ™!

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