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A participation guide for Hacktoberfest

Hacktoberfest starts today 🎉

This is a month-long celebration of open source software. To participate you need to open four pull requests between October 1 and October 31. If you do that you all receive stickers and a limited edition t-shirt for that year's celebration. Only the first 50,000 first participants will earn a t-shirt.

How to participate

First of all you need to sign in on the event's website:

You can now start contributing on GitHub! It takes in account all PRs made on public repositories.

I'm new to open source, how can I contribute?

Benjamin Petetot wrote an article about "Getting started" in open source. It explains how the open source world works. There are also pointers to website that lists repositories waiting for contributions.

Digital ocean have made guides about the technical aspect of making a contribution. There are ressources about git and the pull request mechanism.

I'm an open source maintainer, how do I participate?

You should make your repository friendly to new comers. I wrote an article to help you to prepare your project in order to get its first contributions.

Hackotberfest's website lists all repositories having issues labelled by Hacktoberfest. Feel free to add this label to issues that are easy to fix like your project's good first issues.

You can promote your project during the month to grab a few contributors. Thomas Betous and Franck Abgrall have made a cheatsheet to help you on this subject. It is available in english, french and german.

This year is one of the sponsor and the platform wrote an article about how to use the website during the event as a participant or a maintainer.

Have a nice Hacktoberfest 🙌 and don't forget to share your pull-requests here ❤️

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