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Release 3.1 - telescope

For this release, I contribute to this issue The pull request

This is a relatively easy issue, We need to change the environment variable MAX_POSTS_PER_PAGE. The first thing I do is search this variable in our code.
Alt Text

Three results from three files.
Here are the steps I did.

  • create a new branch with the issue number.
git checkout -b issue#1351
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Then, I set the value of this variable to 5. The coding job is done.

  • remove the old .env file, and copy the new env.example to .env
cp env.example .env
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Then test the code in my local machine. It works, we have 5 posts per page.

Problem to push the code.

When I push the code to the remote git push origin issue#1351, git gives me a warning no permission to push. I checked the remote address git remote -v. I make a mistake and clone the repo from telescope. Now the original address is

How I solve the problem.

If I am not in this class, I will delete everything and clone a new repo from my forked repo

But I am a git master now (Thanks for @humphd), the remote repo is just a name origin. I can just add another remote with the command git remote add yzwdroid Then just push the current branch $issue1351 to the yzwdroid remote repo.

git push yzwdroid issue#1351
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Then I do the pull request from github.

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