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GCP Compute Assessment Sample test

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Can you answer this? Sample GCP assessment test. Check GCP Compute assessment questions with correct and verified answers here https://yzyadwords.com/gcp-compute-assessment-answers-google-cloud-platform-business-professional-accreditation.

  1. Which of these key terms indicate a business-related challenge that App Engine addresses?

patching zero-day exploits
testing datasets for machine learning
time to market
control of virtual machines

  1. As a computing platform provided as a service, how does App Engine provide value?

App Engine deploys and maintains a fleet of VMs that enable organizations to create containerized workloads.

App Engine saves organizations time and cost in software application development by eliminating the need to buy, build, and operate computing hardware and other infrastructure.

App Engine routes packets across the globe and stores data at the edge of the network closest to the user so that the organization’s data is where their users need it.

App Engine allows organizations to man
age a server or runtime environment.

  1. Which product included in Google Cloud networking serves content to end users with high availability and high performance?

Cloud DNS

Virtual Private Cloud

Cloud CDN

Cloud Interconnect

  1. Compute Engine is ideal for organizations that:

Need complete control over the virtual-machine infrastructure.

Need a fully managed database service.

Don’t want to touch a server or infrastructure.

Need to connect and extend cloud services.

  1. What business value can Firebase provide?

developer productivity

SDKs and consoles available

saving time and cost

ease of use

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