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Discussion on: I Made a Mastodon Account and so Far I like It

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Zack Dunn

Just a heads up... Even though the Mastodon project tries to hide it, Mastodon is not a social network unto itself. Mastodon uses an open protocol, ActivityPub, and is just one implementation of AP. The whole network is usually referred to as 'the fediverse' and has other implementations like Pleroma,, Plume, Peertube, Funkwhale, and There are also existing project that are discussing adding AP support, like Ghost and Known.

All of these project can communicate with each other, so if you don't like Mastodon, try out one of the other microblog projects

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Preslav Rachev Author

This is a very good point, and one that I started digging into, the more I began using Mastodon. Similar to how the concept of a blockchain is more groundbreaking than the value of any single cryptocurrency, the potential behind ActivityPub is more compelling than Mastodon alone. This is something that I would definitely want to write a follow-up post on, and I would be really grateful, if you could help my research with a few starting points into the history of ActivityPub, its background and motivation, as well, how the development has gone so far.