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I think your reaction is relatively normal, but maybe the first question you need to ask yourself is why you need that feedback, or what you would get out of it? Do you want the self-esteem boost? Or maybe it's more important that people acknowledge that the work that is done in the back end of things is important? Or does it come from a bit of insecurity about your capacities? Do you maybe feel like as the back-ender you're not as much part of the team? There's tons of reasons why one would like some more (positive) feedback.

If you are unhappy, it means that a need is not being addressed. If you manage to clearly formulate what the need is, it will be easier to make sure it is met. I think that walking over to your manager and just asking for more positive feedback might not cut it. Especially if what you get back in return is a simple "oh yeah thanks for the back-end, it works".

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