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7 Habits of an Highly Effective Programmer

  1. Take care of your body, because programming is a physically demanding activity. This job demands a lot of screen time and sitting in a place static. so over time, your body will start deteriorating. and your health condition will also affect your brain which will, in turn, affect your work efficiency. So get at least 30 mins of physical workout every day (cardio is best for brain health), stay hydrated, get a little sunshine, eat healthily, and finally have a solid sleep routine.
  2. Have a get it done attitude. programmers tend to nitpick in every small detail and try to debug and increase the efficiency of the code more by spending a lot of time on it. but an effective programmer should have a get it done attituded. must write code that is simple, follows the code standards set by the employer, and gets the job done. always do a Minimum Viable Solution. Do not be that guy that over romanticizes the tech or the guy that spends hours on setting up the dev environment and argues about vim over emacs. keep the emphasis on delivering product. It doesn't matter how elegant the code looks all that matters is how it does what it's created to do.
  3. Keep it simple and consistent. people tend to write extremely complex code in the name of efficiency and strangely prides themselves because others couldn't understand their code. Programming is a field in which each problem can be solved in 100 different ways to it is of paramount importance to keep things simple and consistent. You must be able to read your code and understand it, others must be able to read your code and understand it without your help.
  4. Have a consistent way to get into the zone. find a way to get into the zone, set up routines or practices, or specific times that no one could disturb you, and get things done. Minimize distractions.
  5. Keep Learning. Spend at least 1 hour/day for 5 days a week learning something new, something tech that excites you. because if you keep working on the tech that you are working on over time the tech would be outdated. that is inevitable. so keep learning and understand how platforms and technologies interact. have a core level understanding.
  6. Collaborate. Programming is a team sport. no matter how great of a programmer you are you can do everything. you will need other programmer's help and others might need your help. develop this collaborative mindset.
  7. Make peace with the fact that Programming is a lonely activity. Other careers might have a lot of people interactions but programmers could feel a bit lonely and left out. but suitable for introverts. make peace with it and keep your mental health on track.

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