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CMD Commands

When I started Learning Development one of the Courses i Took during my enrolment in the full stack nano degree program offered by Udacity was Command Line and how to use it, Command Line is the CLI (Command Line Interface) Version of how to deal with computer, on the mac it's called Terminal but for windows it's called shell, let's say your trying to create a new Directory you have two option press right click and choose create new folder from the menu(GUI Version)or type "mkdir" command in the Terminal (CLI Version),the GUI version was developed because it doesn't make any sense for normal users to type bunch of commands in a black screen to create a folder or to view a photo or to delete a file, in this article i will show a bunch of Commands which comes in Handy.

Basic Commands :-

.Command: mkdir "FolderName"
Create a new Directory called FolderName, the mkdir abbreviation stands for (make directory )

.Command : cd FolderName
Change your current location to be on Folder, the cd abbreviation stands
for (Change Directory)

.Command : ls
List the Files inside the current Directory you're in, ls abbreviation
stands for List

.Command: pwd
output the path you're currently in, pwd abbreviation stands for print
working directory

.Command: cd ../
Redirect you to the previous directory

.Command: rm File.pdf
Remove File.pdf from the computer (you won't find it in the trash)

Extra's :

if develop in python and want to download any module or library you can
install and use pip a package installer for python

Command : pip install ModuleName

you can also code in python in the Terminal by typing python in the
Terminal if python is installed on your machine

you can use HomeBrew to install any package installer you want
Brew install Packagename

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